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FAQ – ESG Reporting


How do I create an ESG Report?
Publishing ESG reports is simple.With CORE subscription, you can prepare an ESG report that include up to 30 Core Sustanya indicators in less than five minutes.
With the PREMIUM and PRO subscriptions, you can prepare in-depth customized ESG sustainability reports that include photographs and charts.
The Sustanya Reporting tool will guide you to generate a ready-to-publish ESG/Sustainability report, automatically integrating the information provided in the My ESG Data entry tool. Our tool was designed to simplify the process and help you focus on the information most relevant to your Entity that should be included in your ESG report.
To create an ESG Report, navigate to ‘My ESG Reports’ on the left side bar and select ‘Reports’, then ‘New ESG Report’.
How many ESG Reports can I create?
Sustanya offers the possibility to create as many ESG Reports as you wish. You will find plenty of templates to create reports including ESG Data already collected or just descriptive reports. Please note that before creating a report that includes quantitative ESG Data, you need to create and approve at least one ESG Dataset.
Can my ESG Report be customized with my entity's logo?
You can upload your entity’s logo to be included in your ESG Report. Alternatively, there’s also the possibility to select your entity’s prefered color.
Can I choose the language of my ESG Report?
When creating a new ESG Report, Sustanya will ask you to select the preferred language.
You can select between English, Portuguese or Spanish.
Can I add several ESG Datasets to my ESG Report?

Sustanya allows you select up to three ESG Datasets to include in your ESG Report in order to make comparisons. When creating a new ESG Report, Sustanya will ask you to select the main ESG Dataset (the ESG Dataset of the reporting year) and two more ESG Datasets from previous years you wish to compare your data with (adding these two ESG Datasets is optional).

How can I share an ESG Report?
Sustanya offers you the posibility to download your ESG Report, or share it directly by Email.

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