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FAQ – ESG Data Analytics


Can I see my ESG Data in form of charts?

Sustanya compiles your ESG Data in the form of tables, as well as in charts and checkboxes so that you can view and analyze your performance in an ideal and straightforward way. With Sustanya´s ESG Analytics, you can view charts of one-year ESG Dataset or from up to three different ESG Datasets, allowing you to compare data over the years.

Where can I find my ESG charts?

You can find your ESG charts in ‘My ESG Analytics’ section by navigating the left side bar. Then you need to select the ESG datasets you want to analyse.

How many ESG Datasets can I compare in Analytics?

Sustanya allows you select up to three ESG Datasets to compare.

Are charts created automatically?
Sustanya creates the charts automatically for your convenience.
Where can I use my ESG charts?

The charts created by Sustanya can be used to support and illustrate your ESG/sustainability report. You can use them in the ESG Reports you create, by selecting them when proposed in the My ESG reports sections guideline.

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