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FAQ – General


What is the story behind Sustanya?
Sustanya is an initiative of TTR Data. Leveraging over more than 10 years of experience, TTR Data provides market intelligence and transactional data, including financial data from private SMEs through a PREMIUM technology platform.
Rooted in TTR Data’s passion and long experience in providing reliable intelligence for its clients to make better decisions, Sustanya is a tool for private companies that is tailored for SMEs to collect, analyze, and report ESG Data, sustainability and decarbonization strategy to their stakeholders and shareholders.
How can Sustanya help me with my ESG data?

Sustanya is an easy-to-use helpful tool that will not only collect and store your ESG Data, but also analyze and report it. All the information is compiled on a platform with a simple interface and adapted to the size of companies and sectors, with more than 30 comparable Sustanya indicators for all companies in the CORE version; or 300+ Sustanya specific indicators, plus availability to include 2500+ industry-specific SASB indicators in PREMIUM and PRO versions.

Which data will be collected?

The Sustanya data collection (both CORE and PREMIUM plans) develops along five different Sustainability Dimensions (Environment, Human Capital, Social Capital, Leadership & Governance, and Business Model & Innovation), covering applicable ESG topics. Different ESG topics and associated simple questions will be added to your questionnaire, depending on your subscription plan. These questions will be adapted to your entity’s size and type. You need to reply to the questions with Yes/No, picking options or a number. Questions may vary from general entity information like the number of employees, the existence of an environmental policy in place, to more detailed data like the average number of disabled workers in your entity, or activity data regarding GHG emissions. We created useful tips to explain why each question matters in the context of sustainability and how to calculate the requested values.

How can Sustanya help me in creating an ESG Report with my ESG Data?

Sustanya also generates ESG Reports with the data you provided using our ESG Data Entry tool. Sustanya offers different templates, which you can choose from to personalize your ESG Report. You can add your logo and a preferred color, and also download the ESG Report in PDF or share it automatically with your stakeholders.

How does the ESG Reporting tool work?
Publishing ESG Reports is simple.
Preparing ESG Reports, that include the 30 CORE Sustanya indicators takes less than five minutes.
With the PREMIUM and PRO subscriptions, you can prepare in-depth customized ESG/Sustainability Reports that include photographs and charts. Your logo and preferred color can also be included in ESG Reports.
ESG Reports can be shared automatically with your stakeholders in PDF format with a simple click, and can also be downloaded.
The Sustanya ESG Reporting tool automatically generates ESG Reports with the data you provided using our ESG Data Entry tool, that includes:
– General entity information provided by the user;
– Pre-defined texts for each ESG Report section introducing each topic and key ESG concepts;
– Qualitative information provided by the user;
– Quantitative information provided by the user, from which automatic charts are generated;
– Free text fields in some ESG topics for the user to describe the entity’s efforts and actions;
– Tables with KPIs; and
– Third-party Verification Report, which is optional and highly recommended feature.
How is Sustanya different from other providers?
Sustanya is suitable for companies and the financial sector, and it offers numerous advantages.
We want to help the investment community and SMEs to accelerate the transition to a new environmental, social, and Carbon-neutral driven economy based on the power of data sharing and digitalization.
For companies of all sizes, Sustanya represents a management tool to keep track of ESG Data, and an affordable and easy way to issue an ESG Report.
For the financial sector, ESG compliance can be achieved using Sustanya’s comprehensive management tool to track ESG Data of financial entities and their portfolio companies, including our ESG Report tool to generate consolidated reports.
For verification partners, Sustanya represents a tool to simplify verification process, increase their business network ,and enhance projects and brand visibility.
Our key features:
– Affordable;
– Easy-to-use;
– Adequate to specific needs and levels of ESG maturity;
– With comparable metrics along portfolio;
– Easy and guided workflow to simplify, and quick fill-in data and information during ESG Reporting preparation;
– Nice and modern flexible design of ESG Reports;
– Available in many languages; and
– Suitable for third-party verification.
How does Sustanya ensure the security of my data?
Sustanya’s Development Team is responsible for the implementation and management of our Data Security program.
For further information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Data Security @Sustanya.
Are my answers and documents treated with confidentially?
You will control the confidentiality of your answers and documents. The Admin User can set different User Roles at the Team Members section in ‘Entity Settings’. Based on their User Roles, your team members will be able to see the results of your questionnaires, as well as the associated documents. Answers marked as confidential will not be included in the ESG Report, nor shown to the third-party verifier that you have the option to request.

For further information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

How do I report concerns about confidentiality and security?
At Sustanya, we value your feedback, and commit to respond to your concerns, especially those related to confidentiality, in a timely and efficient way. We would be glad to receive your input in our Contact Us form within the Sustanya website. 
How will Sustanya use the documents uploaded in the Data Room? Who has access to my documents?
Sustanya is fully committed to ensuring the safety of our customers’ data and providing highly secured online solutions.
Documents uploaded as supporting evidences, and stored in the safe Data Room will be available for your team, other external users you might invite to the platform and, verifiers of your ESG Data.
If you requested a third party verification of your ESG Data, the designated verifier will review the documents during the verification process.

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