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Who we are

As part of TTR Data, intelligence and value creation is in our DNA.

Sustanya was developed by TTR Data, the leading provider of M&A deal data and business intelligence covering markets of the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Sustanya builds on TTR Data’s leading role as a provider of reliable transactional data and intelligence, reinforcing its mission to help clients make well-informed strategic decisions.

The compilation, analysis and reporting of sustainability policies, practices and metrics using Sustanya adds a critical service to TTR Data’s product offering, allowing clients to clearly communicate environment, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and track performance for internal and external stakeholders.

Our Story

TTR Data has been providing transactional data and business intelligence since 2011 with its innovative SaaS platform. The EU’s Green Deal, other international standards and legal requirements, alongside increasingly stringent regulation governing sustainable investments, has heighten the need for reliable tools to track and report ESG data on entities of all kinds, including small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

Tracking and reporting ESG initiatives and performance has been a challenge for startups and SMEs given the complexity and high costs of preparing and publishing sustainability reports. Solutions on the market to facilitate this process have mostly targeted large, listed companies with dedicated teams that handle ESG and sustainability issues, and significant budgets to retain external consultants when necessary. This has led to a dearth of ESG data on privately held companies, especially SMEs.

Sustanya is TTR Data’s response to the unmet need for a simple and affordable tool that enables entities of any size to compile, analyze, verify, and publish ESG data quickly and easily. Sustanya facilitates the digital transformation of sustainability management and reporting.

Where we are

With a diverse team of innovators distributed across core TTR markets in Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Latin America and the Caribbean, Sustanya serves organizations of all kinds, across the globe.

Our Team

Sustanya serves organizations of all kinds, across the globe. Our team of innovators is distributed across our core markets in Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

We are curious and focused, committed to understanding and serving the needs of our customers with best-in-class solutions that support sustainable business practices and decarbonization.

Our mission is to democratize access to an intuitive web-based platform to empower entities across every sector to demonstrate and report their adoption of policies and practices that engender environmental and social equity and good governance.

The Tool
Sustanya has developed a simple and easy-to-use tool, facilitating data collection and reporting according to an intuitive workflow that allows collaboration among team members, no matter the size of your organization.

Registration & Management

Register your entity based on its business sector, core activity and size. Create your ESG data collection and reporting team and control access for each team member, whether Administrator, Approver, Observer, User, or Verifier.

Data Collection

Customizable questionnaires enabling the inclusion of more than 2,500 sustainability indicators, including SASB indicators, with technical and layman’s explanations of each data point, and fields to record comments and protect confidential information.

Data Room

Secure repository for all your ESG-related documentation. You can provide read-only access to third parties.

Data Verification

Have your ESG Data verified by a Sustanya verification partner to confirm your report is consistent with the supporting evidence. Verifiers can provide comments and upload verification reports from Sustanya templates and customize them with their own logos.

Audit Trail

Track each and every change to your ESG datasets by viewing detailed modifications, including dates and authors.


Visualize your data in clear and easy-to-interpret to track your ESG performance over time, and include the charts you like best in your reports.


Publish comprehensive reports at the click of a button using customizable templates that reflect the company’s Vision and Mission and ESG strategy. Share financial and non-financial information, ESG strategy and contributions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Refer to the glossary, acronyms and external links that make ESG content easier to understand.

Proudly working alongside with SASB

Sustanya licensed and use the SASB Materiality Map® Disclosure Topics, Accounting Metrics, and Technical Protocols.