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The global business community has been called on to adopt environment, social and governance (ESG) standards, commit to sustainable practices, and decarbonize.

It’s easy to commit to all the best business practices in principle, but demonstrating and reporting on your ESG initiatives, targets and milestones can be complex and costly and your organization may not have a dedicated sustainability manager to focus on these matters full-time.

It´s possible for you and your team to compile periodically some ESG information, but to identify which is the relevant ESG data associated with your sector and company size can be challenging, taking in consideration the large amount of different standards available.
And it´s achievable to compile all the sustainability performance information, but you might need extra efforts to publish a nice report that proudly represents your company and can be shared with your stakeholders.

Sustanya is here to help

Compile ESG data using our simple proprietary questionnaire tailored to your specific business segment, and aligned with international standards.

Analyze your ESG performance aided by simple charts to understand the risks and opportunities.

Prepare ready-to-publish simple and beautiful ESG reports to share with your stakeholders including key financial information.

Why Sustanya?

Sustanya makes your ESG management and reporting fast and easy

Leverage a simple, user-friendly ESG management and reporting platform, collaborating seamlessly with internal and external contributors
Affordable pricing tailored to your company’s size and unique needs
Track your company’s ESG performance
Prepare attractive ESG reports in multiple languages
Store your ESG information in a secure and confidential data room
Have your ESG data verified by Sustanya’s third-party partner network

Sustanya Three-step Approach

Collect your ESG Data

ESG Questionnaires customized to your industry, size and language

Sustanya workflow tools guide you through complex reporting frameworks to simplify data collection

ESG metrics aligned with International Standards, including SASB

Safely store all your ESG information in a secure and confidential data room

Manage your data with complete audit trails and data transparency.

Analyze your Performance​

Easy to read automatic sustainability charts

Multi-year ESG charts

Recommendations for improvement areas.

Report on your ESG Performance

ST reporting workflow to guide you with the preparation of your ready-to-publish ESG report including your company´s key ESG information

Easy reporting workflow to guide you in the preparation of your ready-to-publish customized ESG report

Include your own branding elements, like your logo and photos

Qualitative and quantitative charts and tables

Quick sharing tools to get the word out to your stakeholders

Ready to Get Started?
We have pricing tailored to your company’s size and needs.

Take advantage of size-specific pricing and choose from more than 2,500 sustainability indicators, including the most relevant SASB indicators for your business

Please refer to our pricing guide to learn more about the various options offered