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FAQ – Plans, Subscriptions & Billing


How can I pay for my Sustanya subscription?
Once you register and choose your subscription plan, Sustanya navigates you to the Payment Page, where you can choose the payment method (credit card, or SEPA transfer for entities based in Europe). Please be aware that Sustanya will not allow you to access its features unless your payment method is updated. Please note that even with the CORE Plan (Free), we still need a valid credit card to approve your subscription. We will never charge your credit card without your consent.
If you wish to update your payment method, navigate to ‘Entity Settings’ tab on the right side of the header bar and go to the ‘Billing page’. Click ‘Edit Payment Method’, enter your new credit card details and click ‘Save’. We accept payments by MasterCard and Visa.
If you’re having issues paying by credit card, please contact us.
Which currencies does Sustanya accept?

Sustanya accepts payments in Euros (€), US Dollars (US$) and Brazilian Reais (R$).

When will my payment be validated?

Payments by credit cards or SEPA transfer for entities based in Europe, are automatically validated.

Will I receive a confirmation/proof of my payment?
A confirmation e-mail will be automatically sent once your payment is successfully processed by Sustanya. 
How much does the Sustanya subscription cost?
Sustanya developed special plans and prices tailored for different entity sizes and needs. To explore our plans and prices, please refer to our ‘Pricing Page’ or Contact Us.
Can I upgrade my plan to PREMIUM/PRO before the term of my subscription?
Yes. You can always upgrade your subscription plan before the end of the subscription. A new subscription term will begin and we’ll deduct what you already paid in your previous plan.
If you wish to upgrade your subscription, navigate to ‘Entity Settings’ tab on the right side of the header bar and go to the ‘Billing page’. Click ‘Change Plan’, select your new Plan click ‘Get Started’. Sustanya navigates you to the Payment Page to complete the upgrade.
Where do I find my invoices and payment receipts?
Your invoices and payment receipts will be sent to your e-mail up to one-week after confirmed payment. If you do not receive this e-mail, please Contact Us. Please note that your billing statement will display ZUVI NOVA SA, located in Lisbon, Portugal.
Is my subscription renewed automatically?
The Sustanya subscription model is based on automatic renewal as per our Terms & Conditions.
We will notify you about the upcoming renewal within one month before the subscription ends.
How can I cancel the renewal of my subscription?
You can cancel the renewal of your subscription from Sustanya at any time. Your decision will be recorded immediately and will be effective at the end of your current subscription period. For instance, if you still have three months left in your current subscription period on the day you decided to cancel the renewal, you will maintain access to the Sustanya platform and all your current services until the expiration date.

At the end of your current subscription period, all your users will lose access to their Sustanya accounts, except Admin users. Admin users can reactivate their subscription in the Billing page by clicking ‘Change Plan’.

For further information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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